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Testimony from Teachers Past Tours

This is our second year visiting Farmer Stan's Farm. As with last year we (teachers, parents and kids!!) had a fantastic time. Farmer Stan and Farmer Wayne were engaging with our kids while entertaining our parents and teaching the kids age appropriate information about the farm.  There was a good balance of teaching by stories as well visual and touch based activities. There was even a fun relay race so the kids could use up some of their energy. At the end, each class was given a box of farm goodies (gourds,pumpkins, honey, squash, corn, hay...) which we have been using in the classroom. 

First English Lutheran Preschool and Kindergarten will be back next year!

Our first graders had a great time with Farmer Stan. They were so excited to plant their own Round the Clock garden. The parents even commented how engaging the trip was, as well as informative. And the match to the curriculum made it a great science-based trip.

Thanks Farmer Stan!

Michele Paris Prettyboy Elementary School.

Hi Farmer Stan,

Farmer's Stan program is a little gem tucked away in Central Baltimore County. His plant and bee program ties nicely to BCPS's Bee and Engineer science unit. The children were fully engaged with planting all types of seeds in a sturdy container that the students were able to easily transport home even on a bus! In addition, Framer Stan and his knowledgeable partner, Farmer Wayne, shared and discussed how bees and plants are interdependent, as well as, how seeds are used in our daily lives for more than just food! We loved the energy these two men displayed as they shared their passion about farming with over 125 second graders! Thank you Framer Stan and Farmer Wayne!

Hope to see you next year! Take care Lisa (BCPS)

Dear Farmer Stan, Thank you so much for making our trip to the farm such a wonderful experience for my kindergarten students. You engaged the students and kept them wanting to see more and learn more. Your enthusiasm for farming came through loud and clear!! Please extend my thank you to your wife and all others who helped and presented as well. You have an excellent program and my students have greatly benefitted.

Very Truly Yours, Lutherville Lab Elementary